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Artwork and paintings by Austin Texas  Artist / Painter Ricardo Calzadilla.

Primarily self taught, here you will find paintings very well executed in oils and acrylics. The works are wide ranging in subject matter: Nudes, Landscapes, Portraits, Still Life, Abstracts.

Quasi Artist Statement

I am a passionate relentless painter, I have always felt strongly about not editing my subject matter in order to appease a sense of good taste in others. I think painting is difficult enough with out worrying about social mores. I feel strongly that I create unique works of the highest quality. The challenge these days is to avoid the banal. It seems also that with so much worldly materialistic immediate satisfi-distraction that art appreciation is waning. Although It can’t be said that I consciously make artwork for a certain price point, I am often bemused by people when they are surprised by a certain figure. Man hours or price per inch?

I have been witnessing the debate over tonalist, realist versus non figurative contemporary abstract, apples and oranges, gold or copper. I love art and it is never my place to say what is good art and what is bad art. Usually I see artwork and if it grabs my attention then I tend to study it more closely. Conversely I am sure I must miss a deeper meaning in many pieces that I walk by.

That being said there is no way I can value a Pollock the same as a Freud, and yet many people would love a Pollock and abhor the beautiful grotesqueness of a Freud. At a showing not long ago where there were many technically well executed works of great difficulty, beautiful artwork, it seemed though that the hit was an artwork done in yellow with alternating patches of magenta, like dark pink clouds against a yellow sky.

I don’t know what makes an artwork popular, all I know is I have to paint what I like and love to paint. I really love to create artwork for people from their ideas. If you ever have an idea for a painting you would like, please reach out to me and let me know. It can be of a person or a special place. Thank You

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landscape painting oil on canvas, 30 by 40 inches, by Ricardo Calzadilla
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