Artist I am. I make paintings. Paintings of all kinds. I try not to edit myself. I have a great interest in photography. I use the camera as a tool in my paintings, but many times I use the photos as a finished product. I never know what I will paint next. This new web site will be mainly for new works. Here you should find: abstracts, portraits, nudes, landscapes, flora, fauna. I am always open to idea. My name is Ricardo Calzadilla, I recently returned to Austin, Texas after taking a nine year absence to attend to family matters. So I am in reboot mode, starting over and I could use your help.

I have always loved and enjoyed making art. In studying artists from the 1900s I notice that many of the greats site Picasso as their mentor. Picasso did not seem to shy from any subject matter. In this day and age though it seems like selective public political correctness does not align with artistic expression. So many paintings I never show. This facilitates my wish to paint whatever I wish. It feels sometimes like much art today is decorative with the intent not to offend. Maybe the digital age is making art less important. I wish there were more viewers who contemplate art. Beauty is in he eye of the beholder. These days I alternate between oils and acrylics. I try not to pigeon hole myself, so I paint in a cycle: Landscape, portrait, nude, abstract, flora, fauna. Now it seems that I need to explore some sort of expressionism and or contemporary art. I am predominately self taught so for many that is a problem. However I have art constantly on my mind. I am a passionate unrelenting painter. You know ten thousand hours. So hard to write these things for oneself, seems like blowing your own horn. So please take a look around my site. I hope you will see something of interest. If I can be of any help to you please let me know.

Thank You, Ricardo Calzadilla

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